skill-based learning and assessment

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peppergin | 2007-10-03 12:31
Dear Logos parents,

My son's got accepted to join the school next year. I'll like to know more about the school. May I know what does it mean by skill-based learning and assessment. Could you give some examples. Thanks!
peppergin | 2007-10-04 10:55
Dear Logos Parents,

I understand that Logos is different from most other schools, especially those traditional schools that most of us have gone through in the old days. I heard that, in Logos, there is not too much emphasis on writing, memorizing or dictation in the early years compared to most common primary schools, but "skill-based" learning and assessment. ?-(

Could you tell us, the new parents, more about that so that we know what to expect and get prepared to help our kids to adapt the change in P.1?

qq_dad | 2007-10-04 23:31
[size=11.5pt]Welcome to Logos family.
[size=11.5pt]Let me try to share my experience with you.
[size=11.5pt]“[size=11.5pt]not too much emphasis on writing[size=11.5pt]” –
[size=11.5pt]not much at the p.1 – 2 (we called them foundation stage “fs”)
It gives the kids a transition period to get prepared for the next stage – development stage “ds”
More writing is required.

[size=11.5pt]“[size=11.5pt]memorizing or dictation[size=11.5pt]” : kids are given change to explore a very wide scope of knowledge.
If they got low mark, don’t worry too early.
The school will repeat the key concept, a spiral learning method.
They have “Spelling Wizard for English” and “Revision Test” for Chinese.
The format is somewhat similar to “dictation”, but more interesting and funny.
School encourage reading (no matter Chinese or English) very very much.

[size=11.5pt]When my qq was in P1, I did let her get low mark in first “spelling wizard” and used that to ENCOURAGE qq to try best for improvement and build confidence, as well as the momentum of happy learning.:)
peppergin | 2007-10-05 12:17

Thanks for your response and sharing!

Some more enquiries -
  • I understand the school hours of Logos is quite long (till 4:00pm+). It's likely that a kid will reach home after 5:00pm, if he is not living in TKO. For FS students, are they able to finish all the school work learning at school, so they can have leisure and family time at home? Or would they still need to do homework/revision/ tutorial to meet the school work requirement? How about at later stages (DS, MS)?
  • I live in Shatin. Do you know how long does it take to travel by school bus from shatin to school on average?

jensenmum | 2007-10-05 21:24
My son now is 1st year in Logos. We live in Tai Po, he
arrives home at 18:30 by school bus. Home work not more than 45 min. I return home at 20:30 from my office.
qq_dad | 2007-10-06 00:12
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qq_dad | 2007-10-06 00:14

Welcome to Logos family. Thanks for sharing.


In my understanding, Principal Yau wants to limit the school bus travel time within one hour. But it is longer for some routes this year. However, I think it is going to be better as the school will start to pick up the school bus management right starting this November. But don't expect Rome will be built in one day. It may take the school one or two years to achieve this target.

There are two to three homeworks per days. Some of them will be required to hand in the next day while the rest may allow a few days.

For senior form, they might be required to do group projects. I think the workload is comparatively lighter, but it needs good time management. Don't wait for the last minute to do the assignment otherwise one will always find insufficient time.:) [ 本文章最後由 qq_dad 於 07-10-6 00:15 編輯 ]
yeenmama | 2007-10-06 22:25
Hello jensenmum,

My daughter is in FS1 and we live in Tai Po too. I think our kids are taking the same school bus (no.9). Right? Do you send your son to school every morning? I just wonder if your son graduated from the same kindergarten as my daughter.

Quote:原文章由 jensenmum 於 07-10-5 21:24 硐表
My son now is 1st year in Logos. We live in Tai Po, he
arrives home at 18:30 by school bus. Home work not more than 45 min. I return home at 20:30 from my office.
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jensenmum | 2007-10-06 22:48
I worry about the bus management and own by school

The bus transportation business is really difficult to get
profit or even to keep balance.

Principal and teachers does not the profession to run
transportation business.

[size=11.5pt]My family business (since 1960s) is relate to
[size=11.5pt]transportation industry (but not relate to passenger) and I am the 2nd generation.
[size=11.5pt]In last few years I found many transportation company is
[size=11.5pt]out from the market.
[size=11.5pt]I also found that most of the school bus driver is also the bus owner, they are 'one man company'. Therefore, they can keep a really low management cost.
[size=11.5pt]I prefer school use more money to develop 'small class
[size=11.5pt]education', 20-25 students per class from FS to whole
[size=11.5pt]Personally, I think the school fee can up to around 40,000 per year is still attractive.
jensenmum | 2007-10-06 22:56
[size=11.5pt]Hello Yeenmama,
[size=11.5pt]Yes, my son is going back to home by route 9.
[size=11.5pt]I drive my boy to school at morning by myself.
[size=11.5pt]He graduated from Anchors.
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