teachers and management

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rhineriesling | 2019-10-19 07:33
I read news about former principal mary briggs. May I learn how is the management and teachers quality now? where do the students from?

ol_bb | 2019-10-21 08:31

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We like the teachers, principal and staffs here, they are very good and helpful. The school principal Mr Moore used to be the assistant principal at YMCA Christain college, he is well experienced, hard working and willing to communicate with parents. The Class teachers are mostly from UK, they are very passionate, caring and they know the kids well. , many of these teachers had been teaching here since the start of this school , the teacher turnover is very low here. Regarding the student composition, each class has a few non-chinese kids (European, Japanese, Korean., Indian etc), even for the Chinese kids, many are actually holding foreign passports. In this school, you seldom see kids not willing come to school. My son enjoys his school life here, he wants to go to school even he is sick.